House Management: Weekly Schedules!

House Management: Weekly Schedules!

As I prepare my week for the coming of the blessed month of Ramadan, I refer back to my weekly schedule that I created right at the beginning of my home-school journey. I plan weekly – always. Whether it’s a teaching week or even a holiday week. It just helps me prepare by seeing the week in advance and knowing all I have to get done – I really am not a last minute person!

One of the biggest differences I saw when I moved to Saudi Arabia is that you literally have to plan around salaah/prayer times. One of the reasons is that everything from shops to petrol stations to gyms to local corner shops are literally shut! After adjusting to this, it became easier to plan a little in advance when we should get our household shopping done, for example. Anyway, on that point, I felt the need to re-tweak my weekly schedule to adjust to our way of living here. I also had to adjust our week start day to a Sunday – Friday and Saturday are the weekend (as is the case with most of the Middle East). The prayer times can be written in the top row as it varies from country to country.

I have laminated the weekly schedule and stuck it on my fridge – it really helps knowing what everyone’s routines are throughout the week and so plans can be made accordingly. Alhamdulillah it allows you to keep track of your prayers and keep you focused throughout your week too, as you timetable your life around Salaah. 🙂

Click on the links below to download your own PDF Weekly Schedules:

Weekly schedule Sundayweekly schedule Monday

Weekly Schedules – Sunday Start – pdf

Weekly Schedules – Monday Start – pdf

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