Behind the scenes @mamateachesme

Behind the scenes @mamateachesme

I receive a lot of messages on my Instagram page about how inspiring it is to see what I do with my children, and some really sweet and encouraging messages that motivate me to continue – even though I have been through times where I also thought homeschooling is not working out! (at the beginning in particular). I’ve also received some messages of guilt from some mamas worried they aren’t doing half as much. I’ve received messages asking for tips and ideas – which I’ve really enjoyed responding to. Thank-You to all of you Mamas who have taken time out to contact me 🙂

So I wanted to write up a behind the scenes of our learning at Home 8 months on – the reality!

One of the main reasons I went public with my homeschooling journey was for my own way of recording what we achieve, and in some way making it official – like there’s no turning back now – I made the intention and went forth. I was also motivated daily by other homeschooling mamas like me documenting their journey. So in turn, I wanted to give back. Once we got into the habit of homeschooling, on the days I was feeling lazy, Ammarah herself would say “Mama! We need to do our Letter of the Week Treasure Hunt!” It was these moments of reassurance from my then 3 year old daughter that helped me realise that the daily homeschooling struggle is REAL! (I just need to figure out how best to do it!) And Alhamdulillah I did – I did what works for me. So I want to share a few tips:

  1. Routines – from a young age get your children into routines. I’m sure a lot of mothers have done this better than me especially sleeping routines! But if you can get your children into daily routines – then YOU are an awesome mama! In terms of learning, our routines have really worked. My children themselves wait for our sessions at home with their friends as they are familiar with the routines and know what to expect – lots of fun learning! 🙂 14310865_308593689532901_182904394935697408_n(1)
  2. Start slow – Don’t try and teach your children everything in 1 session. Ultimately you should write at least a vision of what you want to achieve with homeschooling.
  3. Read around the subject of homeschooling, teaching for your own personal development. Remember not everyday will be the same, this will be a learning process for you and  your children. I highly recommend the Fitra Journal – check it out here if you  haven’t heard of it already – it’s available as a an e-book on Amazon too.fitrajournal
  4. Find out what your child needs to know by the end of the year by glancing through the EYFS documents available online. If you are signed up to twinkl  – they have a very easy read of the objectives. However, I would only really use this as a guideline, you will find your child may enjoy working  in different ways and at their own pace! Follow your child’s interests – for example, Ammarah is really into her puzzles, so that’s how I get her excited about something she may not really be that interested in straight away!                                               EYFS obj
  5. Create a Homeschooling Annual Plan! Think yearly and think forward. Look through your calendar for holidays, days out, and plan around that – the hands on learning experience is always memorable. Unlike in Saudi Arabia, you can take advantage of the season and weather changes and focus in on those themes too. After evaluating my first year of Homeschooling, I’ve somewhat revamped my Annual Plans and am allowing you to download it here for absolutely FREE! You can follow the related activities on my Instagram page.


I hope this post helps those who have been in touch with regards to how I do things and keep on top of the homeschooling. Main thing is I enjoy it and so do the girls, because we do it in a way that makes us excited and keeps us happy! We mix it up and plan and reflect and look at what works and what doesn’t. We have challenging days but just take a break or come back to our plans when we are in the mindset too. As long as you’re doing a little everyday, you have nothing to worry about! Read a story, take a walk, spend time with your child, talking and discovering, and narrating stories about your own past, they will appreciate it loads in sha Allah.


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