Ramadan Stories with @amaliah_com

Ramadan Stories with @amaliah_com

We had the privilege of taking over @amaliah_com on Instagram to be part of their Ramadan Stories this Ramadan where they feature 30 stories of different Muslim Women all over the world. Some of you didn’t have Instagram to watch it live as I shared our experience of Ramadan in Makkah. So as promised, here’s what you missed! It’s a long scroll all the way down – it starts with our day at home homeschooling the girls and then our experiences with taking the kids to the Kabah – Masjid al Haram. We hope it inspires you to make the journey by the will of Allah swt in sha Allah. Follow @amaliah_com to see other amazing stories on their Instagram page! Click here for more info on Amaliah run by my amazing friends.
























































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