A trip to the Lake District – things to do there with kids!

A trip to the Lake District – things to do there with kids!

So after a lovely week in the Lake District – I thought I would update on some of the things we got up to and how we followed up with our trip into our homeschooling weeks. A lot of this can be seen on our Instagram feed, however as it doesn’t always paint the full picture, I thought I would update here!

We stayed in the lovely Windermere Suites in Windermere – very close o Lake Windermere. Although the weather was between 17 and 21 degrees, it was still cool and fresh and was pleasant as we were walking a lot.  There are a number of things to do with kids  – most of the hotels will have numerous leaflets advertising loads too.

1.We went on a lovely boat ride on our first day taking in the views of  Lake Windermere and the lush green hills and forests.


2.We went on a mile hike to Aira Force Waterfall – it was easy to do with a 2 and 4 year old even though there was a slight shower of rain – there are steps along the hike so taking a pram along will probably not work out! We finished by treating ourselves to traditional scones with jam and clotted cream!

3.We took a drive out to Ullswater to take in some beautiful views of the valleys and hills – it was simply breathtaking! It’s about a 45 minutes drive from Windermere.

4.We were also recommended Wray Castle. The girls had a lovely time discovering Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit‘s rooms, kitchen and other play rooms making crowns, dressing up and playing in soft play build your own castle rooms. Although we went a few hours before closing time, you can spend the whole day there as there are play areas in the grounds and hiking paths too.

5.We also decided to hire out a motor boat on our final day at Lake Windermere. It was a lovely experience as the girls got to take turns too – it was fairly safe – just like driving a car really except a lot slower and in water. There were a few moments were the waves felt stronger but nothing too scary. Taking in the breathtaking views was just worth the whole experience.

6.On our final day we drove out to Brockhole Centre where there are beautiful gardens, adventure playgrounds and treetop trampolines and GO-Ape style climbing and zip wire!

Some of the activities we have started or continued since our trip include:

1.Nature Journal

2.Life cycle of a butterfly

3.Nature collection bag – we have been continuously adding what we find to our nature bag

4.Leaf rubbing

5.Nature art collage

6.Bug hunt

7.Painting with nature – card making


Of course one of the main objectives of our trip other than the holiday aspect was for the girls to take in as much time outdoors discovering and experiencing the beautiful green nature and there was absolutely no way of teaching this but by being in the environment itself. 🙂

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