A Day from Our Homeschool Plans:

A Day from Our Homeschool Plans:

As many of you may have gathered by now, I seem to be always planning or sharing snippets of my plans. Well, the main reason is I love to plan thoroughly before I begin the homeschooling year for a few reasons. It is hard work maintaining 2 to 3 jobs at one time. Housewife, Homeschooling Mama and Teacher/Tutor to various groups of children that I teach at home. So I give myself time off from 2 of my roles (because being a housewife just never stops 😉 ) and use the spare time to plan in advance to be able to juggle everything – and Alhamdulillah (all praises to Allah) most of the time, I feel stress free and manage to achieve most of what I plan – which is usually the plan!

So I want to share a few planning templates today as I feel it may help kick start some of you homeschooling mamas into getting started or re-started with the homeschooling.

First up, we have the Topic Spider Diagram Template in PDF format:

topic plan jpeg

To give you a better idea, I’m including my first topic plan for our theme: All About Me (absolutely FREE). It’s upto you how detailed you fill it, you can always add to it as you plan more. But, it helps keep you on track. Topic Spider Diagram -All About me

all about me topic

And lastly I’m including a sample of our daily plan. The PDF below will show you what I teach and for how long. It doesn’t necessarily  mean you should follow it as it is. Especially as I plan specifically for a Private Nursery I run at home. Also, remember I used to be a Primary School teacher – so still cannot get the planning styles out of me, however, I find them to be very beneficial regardless of how detailed my plans are, especially as it gives me the confidence that I have done more than enough in my homeschooling day alhamdulillah.

A sample of our Homeschooling Sessions

homeschool plans

I’m hoping all the above helped – especially those who have been in touch regarding plans and syllabuses I follow. This is really it, I pick and choose what I feel works, within a reasonable budget and lots of recycling and simple play. If you have any questions regarding the plans above, please feel free to message me and I’m hoping I can have my themed plans available for purchase soon.

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