Tuesday Teaching Tips – Your free weekly teaching tips!

Tuesday Teaching Tips – Your free weekly teaching tips!

Are you homeschooling or following up your child’s learning at home? Follow our Tuesday Teaching Tips Series for short ideas for phonics and writing and more. Here’s our story…

On a very spontaneous thought we started a series (although I was thinking about doing something with my instagram stories for a while now) called Tuesday Teaching Tips. It features myself and my 4 and a half year old daughter Ammarah and 2 and a half year old Hibah sometimes too 😉 . Here’s the plan – each Tuesday we plan to answer some of the questions we receive over on my instagram page @mamateachesme which is where we share our daily homeschooling (and our nursery at home) updates. Sometimes, we will share what we are currently learning or doing and give you insight into how we teach. As a former primary school teacher, I found that a lot of the training and teaching I was exposed to (and tried and tested by myself) especially for phonics and writing was very effective. That’s why I was super excited when Ammarah was able to grasp the sounds, blend and now attempting to write captions. Not really because this is where she needs to be for her age level (she doesnt), but she actually enjoys doing this as its now part of our routine and she can see her own progression!


Below is the first of the videos we did. This is what we were learning that week – the Phase 3 sound /igh/. In this video we show you how we teach the sound, how Ammarah writes the words with the sound in it completely by herself and finally how she applies the words with that sound in her sentences. This is usually how we teach phonics in Primary School and is such an effective way to pave your child’s path towards independent writing especially as they apply the sounds they are learning.





The video below shows you What to teach your child after they have learnt their alphabet sounds. What comes next? Do they start reading? When do they write? How do you teach the tricky words alongside the sounds still being learnt? If you want more on tips on writing formation for 3-5 year olds, click here. The video below shows you detailed tips into what you can do to help your child on their journey through the phonics phases.



You can download the FREE CVC words Phoneme frames by Twinkl here as featured in the video above.

You can download the CVC words – Read and Reveal resource by Twinkl here as featured in the video above.

You can download the FREE Say it, Make it, Write it sheet  by You Clever Monkey here as featured in the video above.


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