Teaching Phase 3 Phonics at home + free teaching aid

Teaching Phase 3 Phonics at home + free teaching aid

Are you struggling to teach phonics at home? Read this post to find your top tips to teaching phonics Phase 3 at home and sign up to receive your free teaching aid.

Homeschooling mamas must see these words “Phase 3 phonics”, “Phase 2 phonics” floating around on websites giving away or selling their phonics resources. These phases come from the Letters and Sounds Resource published by the Department for Education and Skills in 2007. It has a lot of strengths in building up listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in your child’s early education. The phases help in break down what needs to be taught when. More information and details on each phase breakdown can be found here.

As part of our Tuesday Teaching Tips series, we covered an overview of Phase 3 phonics with a little insight into how you can teach it at home yourself. Watch the short video below for more:


Resources used in the video above:

Phase 3 Sound Mat by Twinkl – can be downloaded for FREE here.

Mrs Pryce’s Funny Phonics Powerpoints can be found FREE on the TES website here.

Phase 3 Roll and Read mats by Twinkl – can be found here.

Phonics reading books (Biff and Chip series) can be bought here at a decent price

You may also find the video below useful as we cover the teaching of phase 3 grapheme (sound) /igh/ where I show you briefly how we introduce the sound, the sound included in words and then applying our learning by writing out sentences including tricky words we are learning and sounds we have learnt too.

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