How to teach sentence writing to your child!

How to teach sentence writing to your child!

Are you homeschooling and excited your child now knows their sounds, can write the letters and is even an early reader? What’s next? Writing! Writing is the next step.

As part of our Tuesday Teaching Tips series, we present our video below focusing on how to teach your child how to write a sentence. There are two parts to writing. The first part is knowing what to write: the idea! (this is very important) If you start giving your child all the ideas and not allow them to think for themselves they may become reluctant and dependant-on-you-to-help-them writers. The second part is knowing how to write the sentence without getting it all muddled in the process of writing and finger spacing and sounding out etc.



So here are my top tips summarised:

  1. Talk about what the sentence may be – use a picture prompt or even a memory/experience of what you did on the weekend or in the morning for example.
  2. Say your sentence out loud a few times before writing it down. Sometimes I draw lines to represent the exact number of words in the sentence for visual clues.
  3. Start writing the sentence by saying it out loud and checking back to make sure it makes sense. Even if your child missed out a word, let them go back and self-correct by realising it themselves.
  4. Use word  banks or word wall (tricky word walls for example) to help with difficult to spell words.
  5. Remind your child about finger spacing and ensure that becomes a habit. I say ‘I can’t read gobbledegook!’ always makes Ammarah chuckle!
  6. Introduce full stops to show the end of a sentence.


Watch the video below on how I teach the above points to Ammarah!


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1 thought on “How to teach sentence writing to your child!”

  • Really like the idea of reminding to add the full stop. My girls are 4 & 5… although they write sentences, they don’t add punctuations. I think I’ll remind them from now on.

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