Black History Month: The Story of Bilal! (FREE Resource)

Black History Month: The Story of Bilal! (FREE Resource)

October always marks Black History Month at schools, so I wanted my girls to look at a story that’s very dear to our hearts. It’s not only a story of an African Muslim but one of a man who showed so much faith and courage when Islam was in its early stages. As a slave then, Bilal ibn Rabah was enlightened by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and came to see that everyone was truly equal in the sight of Allah. He was firm in his belief of Allah when he was being tortured and in pain. It was that same voice that cried ‘God is one’ that later became the first caller of the Adhaan (Muslim call to prayer). What an honour!

The story of Bilal, Bilal ibn Rabah


On my flight back to Saudi Arabia at the end of the summer this year, I happened to watch the film ‘Bilal: A new breed of Hero’ based on the story of Bilal. It really takes you on an emotional journey. I’m planning to watch it again with my girls or at least show them some clips during our week on finding out about Bilal. Highly recommend watching this if you haven’t seen it already!



The Story of Bilal

For our home school learning, I searched for some resources to online for this story. I found a few with simple easy to read and understand English. But what I couldn’t find were any illustrations. Picture books are our fave when reading out loud! So I got busy last night on my procreate app on the iPad and drew out my own (very amateur) illustrations just so I could create our own story to read at home.



So this week, we plan to read over our Story of Bilal, discuss what a slave is, how he was treated and describing his character. We plan to use these pictures to story sequence the story and to be able to retell it using the pictures. The best part is we are able to share our resources with you and your children! Below you will find a pdf of the images only for story sequencing and another of the images with modified text (taken from a resource found online) which you can make into a story book for your children.


Bilal Story picture sequence

Bilal Story with text


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Are you covering the story of Bilal with your children for Black History Month? Or are you doing something different? Feel free to share in the comments below – we would love to hear from you!


The story of Bilal, Bilal ibn Rabah

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