Free Ramadan Resource!

Free Ramadan Resource!

One of the reasons I actually started this blog is because a number of people have asked me to share resources I have created – and its proven difficult on Instagram and Facebook. So I’m posting up the link for you all to access the 30 Ramadan Good deeds visuals instantly in sha Allah – it’ll save everyone waiting for me to email them, although it was really nice connecting with you all! alhamdulillah 🙂

What to do:

  1. Download and print the file
  2. Talk to your child about what they see in the pictures, some could even attempt read the good deed.
  3. The images are left black and white so your child can enjoy colouring them in
  4. Cut out the 30 good deeds – fold and put them in a jar – let your child decorate this jar with stickers, glitter or paint.
  5. You can make a 30 Good Deed Ramadan calendar on chart paper with 30 squares drawn labelled 1 to 30 – before Ramadan begins.
  6. Each day your child can take out a good deed they have to try and fulfill.
  7. Once they have completed the good deed, they can enjoy sticking them on to their chart and feel a sense of achievement by the end of Ramadan in sha Allah.

You can download the PDF on the link below.

Ramadan Good Deeds

18299801_302491160187016_8995956451994238976_n_LI (2)

Feel free to share to your pages and sites – and let me know how it goes by tagging me @mamateachesme 🙂 Enjoy!

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