Make a Ramadan Good Deeds Jar + Calendar this Ramadan (Free Download Eng & Arabic)

Make a Ramadan Good Deeds Jar + Calendar this Ramadan (Free Download Eng & Arabic)

With Ramadan still over a month away – be prepared with Ramadan activities for your kids to do at home! This post shows you how to make a Ramadan Good Deeds Jar! This was a favourite activity for us last Ramadan, as every morning Ammarah would want to find out what her good deed of the day was! We created our good deeds as I felt my girls needed a visual to understand what their good deed was! So here’s our steps to make your own DIY good deeds jar for Ramadan! Scroll down to dowload your Arabic version of the 30 good deeds (translated by Abeer.)



How to make a Ramadan Good Deeds Jar!

You will need:

  1. A recycled, washed, label scraped off, large pasta sauce jar!
  2. star stickers,
  3. white label sticker
  4. pens
  5. Our free PDF resource  – Ramadan Good Deeds
  6. scissors
  7. crayons/colouring pencils
  8. 2 large A3 blue card


Here’s what to do in 5 easy steps!

  1. Recycle a large pasta sauce jar (I always find the size is best to fit all the folded up good deeds in)
  2. Download and print our free resource – Ramadan Good Deeds
  3. Explain you will be making a Good Deeds Jar ready before Ramadan begins. Talk to your child about what they see in the pictures, some could even attempt read the good deeds.
  4. The images are left black and white so your child can enjoy colouring them in before putting them in to the jar – (or if you’re short on time, cut and fold them as they are and colour them in each time they take one out in Ramadan.)
  5. Cut out the 30 good deeds – fold and put them into the recycled jar. Let your child decorate this jar with stickers, glitter or paint. Don’t forget to label with their name!


Ramadan Good Deeds Jar


Why not turn it into a Ramadan Calendar!

  1. You can then make a 30 Good Deed Ramadan Calendar on chart paper or 2 large A3 coloured card -we used dark Blue and did a mosque dome and minaret cut out! Then draw 30 squares (the same size as the good deed squares when cut out) label each square 1 to 30 – before Ramadan begins.
  2. Print and cut the title in our file – My Ramadan Good Deeds and stick onto the top of your calendar!
  3. Each day in Ramadan your child can take out a good deed they have to try and fulfill.
  4. Once they have completed the good deed, they can enjoy sticking them on to their calendar and feel a sense of achievement by the end of Ramadan in sha Allah.


ramadan good deeds jar and calendar


Check out last year’s Daily Ramadan Activities with Ammarah (3 and a half then!) and see how we enjoyed Ramadan even more!

ramadan display wall good deeds



Don’t forget to download the PDF on the link below.

Ramadan Good Deeds


UPDATE – April 2018

I was contacted by the lovely Abeer from who offered to translate our 30 Good Deeds for Ramadan into Arabic! So now my readers from the Middle East and beyond can enjoy our 30 good deeds in Arabic in Ramadan with their children, by downloading them for absolutely FREE below!

Good Deeds Chart-Arabic


Good deeds for Ramadan Arabic






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