5 Week Plan for Ramadan Activities (including Preparation Week)

5 Week Plan for Ramadan Activities (including Preparation Week)

This week has really been preparation week! I finally have time to think, reflect and prepare for Ramadan like I’ve never done before! I have never really organised how I’ll work through my Ramadan weeks, except maybe try to recite Qur’an throughout the month. This year with the added responsibility of my children and entertaining them alongside fasting – I couldn’t approach this month with no plans at all.  So with so many activities in mind I decided to do what I do best – weekly themes! Its worked for 8 months now alhamdulillah so why not use it for Ramadan as well 🙂

Below is a rough outline of how I’m dividing up my Ramadan weeks. All of this planning is personal to me so will work perfectly. For example we are travelling back to the UK in the final week so I decided it was a theme about going on a journey and that works perfectly with Laylatul Qadr – we are on a journey seeking it etc..as it will also be the last 10 nights of Ramadan as well! Similarly you can divide up your month anyway that suits you…

Ramadan plans home ed

Below are further details I’ve jotted down in my planning:

☆ This Week: Preparing for Ramadan 🌙

  • Moon sighting – making binoculars
  • Preparing living room Ramadan display
  • Preparing our Ramadan sensory box
  • Stars in space behaviour chart

☆ Week 1: Ramadan in Makkah

  • Visiting the Kabah
  • Taraawih Prayer
  • Kabah painting – arts and crafts
  • Making sadaqah envelopes
  • Small gifts for pilgrims

☆ Week 2: Qur’an & Dua

  • Preparing our memorisation chart
  • Making a dua hands booklet
  • Words from the Qur’an activity
  • Read Stories from the Qur’an

☆ Week 3: Giving & Eid Preparation

  • Eid Cards – Arts and Crafts
  • Iftaar trays for neighbours and friends
  • Making gifts and gift boxes

☆Week 4: On a Journey – Laylatul Qadr

  • Map of plane route across the world
  • Memorising Surah Qadr
  • Using dua books
  • Reviewing story of Isra wa Miraaj
  • Odd night prayers


So this is pretty much my plan for Ramadan – I’ve kept it light as there are some daily activities we plan to do but more on that later in sha Allah…

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