Daily Ramadan Activities with Kids

Daily Ramadan Activities with Kids

With so many resources available to us for our kids this Ramadan – how do you choose between them all? Colouring sheets, fine motor sheets, flashcards, journals, workbooks. As Ammarah grows older (nearly 4), she has a somewhat better understanding of the world around her. So this year her Ramadan learning has turned up a notch than last year. We’ve created a Ramadan Display wall – in our Ramadan Preparation week …


a Book Box – with all books we will be looking at throughout Ramadan …

and now a Ramadan Box – which consists of her daily activities.


The Ramadan Box consists of:

  1. Ramadan 30 Day Activity: ‘Let’s find a word in the Qur’an’  created by a Parenthood: Muslim Style – click here for the link that takes you straight to their site to allow you to download the flashcards!
  2. 2 activities including ABC of Qur’an verses and a Camel shape match activity (for Hibah who is obsessed with camels) that were sent to me FREE by @munna.baba.me
  3. I created a simple 5 Pillars of Islam Colouring book that can be downloaded and printed here. This is a great way of introducing the 5 pillars too – through pictures and discussion – teach your children little by little and just keep coming back to it as they get older and their understanding develops better in sha Allah.
  4. I also found this awesome Ramadan Booklet for little kids by Jameela Ho. All the activities are designed to help with fine-motor skills using pictures related to Ramadan: Check it out here.
  5. Our 30 Good Deeds activity in the jar pictured – created by me – to be put up on our numbered masjid in the display picture above. Click here to download.
  6. Our easy to make binoculars to look for the moon changing throughout the month – use 2 toilet roll tubes, string, and stickers and washi-tape to decorate.
  7. Our dua hands to help memorise the forgiveness dua for Ramadan. You can download the Arabic and translation of the dua here. Simply print and cut onto your dua hands.


Additionally a personal goal of mine this Ramadan is Qur’an reflection. Therefore, in order to encourage reflection in our homeschooling we will also be making use of the fabulous #Alhamdulillah For Series by Ayeina.com – You can check it out here, encouraging gratefulness in our children as well as adopting it ourselves.


Personally, I dedicated this entire week to preparing for our homeschooling throughout Ramadan. Therefore, if you are just reading this now and thinking, “Oh I feel so under prepared…” Don’t Panic! Last year I felt totally under-prepared so this was my personal goal this year, to ensure I am prepared in sha Allah! I am posting this to inspire, motivate and encourage others. Any little you do but consistently is always loved by Allah.

For the record though,  I have a somewhat tidy house, have done no meal preparing in advance as some of you awesome mothers do, I still need to write my own list of duas and begin my own reflection. Just know that whatever we do is always enough. All our situations are completely different and we can only be motivated by others and inspired and encouraged to do good in this blessed month that is really around the corner. Ramadan Kareem to you all! 🙂 May Allah make it a blessed one for us all in sha Allah. Ameen.

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