Planning for the next Homeschooling year!

Planning for the next Homeschooling year!

Our Summer holidays came early – and we have flown back to the UK from Saudi Arabia to enjoy the cooler summers with our family and friends here  – alhamdulillah! Being so far away from the desert heat that does not allow us to always enjoy the outdoors, makes us fully appreciate the sunny and rainy outdoors here in London. So with the Eid celebrations nearly finished, we need to get into full swing of our homeschooling summer plans – except it’s going to be super different. We are taking advantage of all that we don’t get to experience in Saudi Arabia. For example, the milder outdoors, the cool parks, London, learning with family and friends. So most of our learning will be through experience with some follow up discussions – and sometimes this way is the best way to learn! Everything we do here will become part of our homeschooling learning. I’ve created a plan that will work for us depending on our weeks and what we are doing but most of it will consist of, gardening, trees, plants, flowers, birds, bugs, lakes, rivers etc – oh and on occasion a trip or two to see the Beef-eaters outside Buckingham Palace which Ammarah really wants to see!

I’m also using the summer to plan for our Homeschooling Year. This means its a summer of buying resources needed for the following year and stocking up on essential books and activities before heading back out to Saudi Arabia!

If you have any suggestions for books or activities for the following potential themes we have drawn up – please do comment and let me know!

Currently though we thought we would enjoy a bit of the British outdoors up in the Lake District! Look out for my next post to see what we got upto and what we would recommend!

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