Reception Theme: All About Me!

Reception Theme: All About Me!

Tired of wondering what to teach your little ones at home? Why don’t you follow this wonderful theme called “All About Me?”

This post give you a thorough outline on what to teach each week in all areas of learning!

So it’s been a month since our homeschooling routine has begun 🙂 We set up our classrooms in preparation and organised our year by dedicating folders to each of our themes, tidied out the bookshelf, added lots of labels – all of this took about 2 solid weeks by the way! and just so you know, as a former Primary School teacher, I can’t let go of my natural classroom based teaching so alongside our homeschooling I run a private nursery at home in the mornings 4 times a week. This allows for our social interaction with other children, a little benefiting the community hopefully and a whole load of we are back in routine satisfaction for me.

Naturally the first theme we started with this year was “Al About Me”. It was a 2 week theme and it’s always one of my favourite themes, especially with new children joining our group this year, it’s always nice knowing a little bit more about everyone and works best as a settling in theme.  Below you will find the Theme overview – I try to create one of these for every theme we focus in on this year, followed by the activities we did for each area of learning including literacy, maths, theme including our Arts and Crafts, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

all about me topic

Literacy related activities:

Above – these were the 4 letters covered by our younger group of 3-4 yr olds (Moon), we covered 4 letters over a period of 2 weeks. We focused on 1 letter over 2 days, and recapped the previous letters as we learnt them.

Below –  We looked at the 4 letters s, a, t, p in week 1 – with our older group of 4-5 yr olds (Stars) using this awesome flower puzzle for each sound I created last year!

Above – We enjoy using these writing phoneme frames from twinkl to help us think of each sound in the pictures we see.

Below – To finish our week we work through this booklet to reinforce our learning which can also be found on twinkl. I prefer printing it in a5 size and on the last page (bottom row, centre picture) the children draw something that begins with each sound learnt as an extension activity. We did the same for week 2 in this theme, the letters were i, n, m, d

Below – We have started reading through the Biff and Chip reading collection. I even made the children a reading record to keep track of which books they borrow, but also to encourage them to read to their parents at home. In my case, Ammarah enjoys reading to her dad each week.


Maths related activities:

Below – The maths sessions have been mainly about number and counting in this theme – with a little learning through play shape games and not forgetting fine motor skills.

Theme related activities:

Below – Our theme display wall, activities include:

-a name decorating activity in arts and crafts

-A rainbow cloud answering the questions about yourself

-An outfit of the day activity

-A discussion and read about how we feel

Arabic and Islamic Studies related activities:

Below – The lovely book Allah knows All About me and the activities covered include:

-talking about the importance of saying salaam – knowing it is also Allah’s name which means peace!

-Arabic letter matching and recapping over the alphabet – we also did an Arabic name card for the children in Arabic so they could start recognising their name in Arabic.

-making a zigzag book answering 3 basic questions about your religion: Who is your Lord? Who is your Prophet? What is your religion? You can download the book template here –  Who is Your Lord Zigzag book template

So that was pretty much it, quite a lot covered in 2 weeks – as we fall into a steady homeschooling and nursery routine – alhamdulillah!

Let us know what you think and what theme or topic you started with this homeschooling year? 🙂

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