6 reflections whilst living in Makkah!

6 reflections whilst living in Makkah!

I’ve been living in Makkah for nearly 2 years now alhamdulillah – it really is a blessed city – there’s a lot of barakah (blessing) in my time, my actions and what I get upto here. People always ask what it is like – and I really don’t know what to say except it feels like home, the place I am meant to be. It has also given me a lot of time to reflect and take a step back from my once hectic life and think of the things that matter most. So here are a few things I learnt or re-learnt that have helped and I wanted to share as a reminder for myself first and all of you.


1. Re-evaluate who you are spending most of your time with as you will be influenced by them – choose your company wisely! Be involved in circles of those who constantly remind you of Allah – remind you when you go astray and advise and make dua for you. Try to attend an Islam study circle at least once a week or whatever is convenient, but ensure your tribe are your well-wishers.

2. Whether it is becoming difficult to practise Islam – don’t stop. Whether you are losing hope in the trials you are facing – don’t stop making dua to Allah. He is always listening and is only making you stronger! May Allah swt continue rewarding you for all your efforts!!

3. Make reading the Quran something you do everyday- it will fill your day with barakah! Begin your Hifdh Journey and reconnect with the Qur’an. Do a little a day and see the massive IMPACT it has on your life. I find the people here have a deep love for memorising the Qur’an and I have just been awe by that (especially as I find memorising so difficult – but of course it won’t be easy but really take those baby steps like me and make the intention). It will completely change your life!

4. Remember every ounce of good you do- do it for your aakhirah for the sake of Allah swt. Increase the weight of your good deeds and think about all the deeds you are giving away when you backbite/gossip about others!! ( something we are all guilty of).

5. Pray for those who help you and those you speak to – jazakAllah khayr, may Allah protect you etc – subhanAllah everyone I have met here uses these phrases abundantly and it is sooo nice mA!

6. If you are a mum- remember what you say and what you do will influence your child- they copy you in everything!!! So be the role model for them and continue making dua for them. This can also apply in any role of your life where you have the potential of influencing others, be it online, at work or even as a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country!

I pray Allah swt invites you all to his blessed city and keeps us all on the straight path. May he make us live to see the coming month of Ramadan and bless us with khayr (goodness) and contentment in our lives in this world and the next. Ameen!


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