The Fitra Journal – a must have for homeschoolers.

The Fitra Journal – a must have for homeschoolers.

Have you just started homeschooling or actually considering it and not sure where to start?

I would highly recommend –  The Fitra Journal. For me personally, reading other mum’s accounts of how they got started, how they are doing and the pros and cons of homeschooling were really important in finally making my decision (although deep down I knew I would homeschool – I just needed some reassurance). In a time, where homeschooling is still fairly strange to some, you need a network of other homeschoolers around you and whilst this isn’t always possible, this is when the bi-annaul journal – The Fitra Journal can be bought as en e-copy or hard copy to your home.

This is now edition 4 of The Fitra Journal where I have had the pleasure of submitting an article too entitled –  How a Teacher came to Homeschool her Children. I was actually inspired by the first edition of the Fitra Journal as it helped clear any doubts I personally had had about homeschooling instantly.  So grab your copy today and find out how I came to Homeschool 🙂

This particular issue features some fab articles, including:

*How to Craft The Work-Homeschool-Life Balance

*Review of A New Muslims Homeschooling Book!

*Prophetic Teaching Principles

*How to Do This With a Toddler Around

It really is a lovely read, with lots of inspiration, tips and advice from our fellow Muslim Homeschoolers! 🙂

Order your copy here today!


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