5 Things to do with the Kids in Malaysia!

5 Things to do with the Kids in Malaysia!

Are you thinking of visiting Malaysia and not sure what to do there with your kids? After our recent visit to Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi in Malaysia, I thought I’d share some of the awesome places we managed to visit with the kids. So in this post I’ll share some of the things to do with the kids in Malaysia and recommend a few other things that were on our list but we didn’t get a chance to check out! I’m also going to include some general travel tips for those travelling out to Malaysia or with their kids for the first time.

What to do with your kids in Kuala Lumpur:

1. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – situated walking distance from the Islamic Arts Museum – we actually walked all the way to it with both the girls – what a work out it was. It’s probably wise to get a taxi and then save the walking for inside the park! But we managed to have a little break and fuel up. I discovered coconut water, a very popular drink – that is so cooling and probably so good for us! The bird park itself was beautiful, full of lush greenery and exotic peacocks walking amongst us throughout the park. It was fantastic to see their feathers open up – what a sight it was for our girls. The park also features parrots, flamingos, storks and even huge pelicans! We also spotted some monkeys stealing some fruit set out for the birds flying within the compounds of the bird park! The park isn’t fully compatible for strollers as there are some walk ways with steps etc.

2. Sunway Lagoon – This is by far one of the most awesome water parks/theme parks/zoos/bird parks for the kids. You really need a whole day here to see it all. I’d definately recommend visiting this when your in KL. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits so you don’t miss the largest surf pool! The girls enjoyed the zoo, the fair rides, the water park and even the huge bridge that crosses the park.

3. Petronas Tower, KLCC fountains + shopping. The place to hang out in the city is the KLCC mall at the Petronas Towers. The kids loved the dancing fountain show, the views and the awesome book shop on the 4th floor.


4. National Mosque + Islamic Arts Museum: We managed to go to this beautiful mosque for Friday prayer, although very busy it was lovely seeing the worshippers attend in their hundreds. Situated walking distance (across the road really) from the Islamic Arts Museum, we managed to see the Museum just before prayers began. The museum features models of world mosques whichwas fabulous to show the girls. They recognised the Kabah straight away. The museum also features historical and contemporary exhibitions on fashion and pottery. There’s also a fantastic children’s library with a lovely and colourful setting – unfortunately it was closed for prayer when we got there. The museum’s gift shop was fabulous to explore and we were pleased with the goodies we brought back.

In Langkawi: We stayed in Meritus Pelangi Spa Resort to really enjoy and make the most of the island life. It was a first for us to stay at a resort, I would recommend staying at a resort to really enjoy the beach life, especially for the kids. They got to enjoy the awesome children’s pool and activities. The weather was lovely but some days there was rain so keep an eye on the weather before you head out for the attractions in Langkawi. After our very busy days in Kuala Lumpur I was happy to just really unwind and enjoy our beach views and in room dining on some days.

We did however, take a day out to visit one of Langkawi Island’s top attractions – the sky ride and bridge.

Before you leave: Be prepared from the long flight, make sure you take something for the plane journey (those tv screens attached to the seats do not always work). Our flight was about 9 hours from Saudi Arabia – but its probably 12 to 13 from UK. Lucky for the kids took a nap, did a bit of colouring and somehow occupied throughout the flight.

Where to stay: We stayed in Kuala Lumpur and in Langkawi (island) as we wanted a beach holiday as well as see a bit of the capital city. We chose our hotel (The Dorsett) close to a mall (KL Pavillion) so resaurants were close by. We travelled in the city at times by walk but mainly by taxis including Uber. But I would highly recommend downloading the “Grab” app which works like Uber. This was because there were more drivers that were readily available and efficient. If you aren’t travelling with such young children like us, you could also use their local trains and buses which can work out cheaper, however be wary of traffic times. For Langkawi, as it is an Island to the north of KL, we decided to book a domestic flight. Whilst there were trains to take you there and even 10-12 hour ship ride, for ease, we opted for the 1 hour domestic flight with our kids. Luckily the flight prices work out quite cheap to about £20-40 per person depending on the airline and when you book. We booked these flights before we left for Malaysia.

The Weather: I wish I had read up on this before I had left. The weather was warm, humid and it also rained a lot! Travelling from Saudi Arabia, we had such a treat with this tropical weather in comparison to our desert heat. So I would recommend rain coats or a cardigan, whilst it doesn’t get so cool, we did get wet in the rain (it’s been a while but we did enjoy seeing puddles!). If you are coming in from cold or cooler countries, be warned it feels humid, sticky and even stuffy at times. The hotels and even the airports have umbrellas to be used readily available as it rains every other day. But its so tropical so actually feels refreshing!


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7 thoughts on “5 Things to do with the Kids in Malaysia!”

  • Malaysia is always there in my wander list….InshaAllah….will visit there soon…hope the kids had tons of fun….reading your review and seeing the pics I am more tempted to plan a vacation to Malaysia soon….

    • It’s really nice – they did thanks we had a lovely time making the most of our time there and then relaxing at the beach too

  • Malaysia is on my bucktlist and I would love to visit it someday in’sha’Allah! My nieces and nephew loved the Legoland Resort in Malaysia on their trip last year. It sounds so cool even I would love to see it!

  • Your bright and vibrant photos made me look forward to a trip to Malaysia. The wildlife looks off the charts! I agree, a break from Saudi into different weather is such a treat. <3

  • OMG! This post took me back to my trip to KL And believe it or not we stayed at the Dorsett too! I only just didn’t make it to Langkawi but we went to all the other spots and I love the Sunway Lagoon! Ahhhh memories <3

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