Planning for Ramadan 2018 (ideas and activities for 2-4 year olds)

Planning for Ramadan 2018 (ideas and activities for 2-4 year olds)

With a month to go now, Ramadan will be here in no time (in sha Allah)! Have you started planning for Ramadan 2018? Whilst there may be house preparation, food preparation and spiritual preparation to think about, this post will help you prepare for your 2-4 year olds Ramadan ideas and activities! Whether you homeschool or your children are in nursery, it’ll be nice to work on some fun Ramadan activities with them to get them excited about Ramadan and learn some more about it!

On our Tuesday Teaching Tips series this week, our viewers voted for a session on Planning for Ramadan. So I put together the video and looked over the activities and ideas mentioned below! Here’s what you can set up as a whole family regardless of ages or number of children. The specific age activities can be overlapped of course depending on your child’s ability. Scroll all the way down to watch our video. Don’t forget to download our FREE Ramadan Resources below too!

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planning for ramadan 2018

Ramadan Decor!

Let your your young children feel the month of Ramadan! In the run up to Ramadan, start by involving your children in an easy Ramadan decoration activity. It could be a Ramadan banner or Ramadan bunting. You can make it yourself easily using wrapping paper, white card, and ribbon. If you’re reading this post a day before Ramadan, just make a simple banner and some easy party decoration chains, which your children can help with too!


Ramadan Display

Allocate a section of your living room or play area to a Ramadan related display, where the books and activities may easily be kept. You could just put all these things together in a large box and take out when needed if there is lack of space etc. Pick and choose what seems easy for you and your kids from the following preparation ideas – remember do what feels right for you and your kids!



Ramadan Calendar

A Ramadan Calendar would work a treat for 2-3 olds. There are some fab ideas from 30 envelopes for each day to 30 boxes with treats inside! Your will be reminded of the excitement of Ramadan each day with the calendar. It’s visual, interactive and a fab reminder.


Ramadan Good deeds Jar

This is a lovely daily activity you could do with your children as you remind them of this super important month where Allah blesses us even more for doing good deeds – I’ve got the perfect visual Good deed cards that you can download for FREE here.




Ramadan Box!

This is where I collected all our Ramadan daily activities, colouring sheets, crafts and kept it in one place, easily accessible to the kids. We recycled and decorated an old Shoe box!

our ramadan box 


Ramadan Book Basket

Gather together the books you plan to look at this Ramadan. Here’s some ideas for fantastic Ramadan books to consider adding to your Ramadan Book Basket this year! Click on the pictures for more on where to purchase.

Ramadan Books












2-3 year old Activities!

  • Colour related activities – download our fabulous Allah made everything colouring book absolutely FREE! Additionally if you can buy this awesome book Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors
  • Sighting the moon – make binoculars and a tin foil moon craft
  • Foam Shape prayer mat or mosque design
  • Sensory play  – make date balls, stuff dates with almonds or butter! (this tastes delicious!)
  • Eid Decoration and Eid Cards – this can be done towards the final weeks of Ramadan!



3-4 year old Activities!

  • What is Ramadan? This is a great way to think about your children’s learning this Ramadan. What does Ramadan mean to them? How can we teach our children the essence of Ramadan without over complicating it for them? I started by showing Ammarah these pictures. I asked her if she knew what they were before she began decorating them. I told her this is what Ramadan is all about! 🙂 Remember every year you can build on your children’s learning so keep it simple! (You could use this activity with your 2-3 year olds too) Click on the image below to find the colouring sheets on Twinkl.

Ramadan twinkl colouring sheets


  • The Way to Jannah learning activity using the good deeds cards. After reading this book. Discuss with your child the importance of doing good deeds. Who are we trying to please? Where do we want to go. Tell your children that it will take lots of good deeds to attain Jannah. Can they make a path of good deeds as a reminder to help them think of the way to Jannah?! Scroll down to see our Video for more and find my good deeds cards here!

  • Forgiveness Dua craft and memorisation! – Remind your children we must say Sorry when we do something naughty or hurt someone. In the same way we have to ask that person to forgive us, so everything is better again. In the same we also have to say sorry to Allah and ask for forgiveness. Instilling this in our children from a young age is a really nice way to help them understand that Allah watches everything we do.

dua hands ramadan 2018 ramadan crafts

  • Words from the Qur’an daily activity possible craft ideas – Designed by Fitra Learning. This was a big hit with us last year. We loved  looking over a new word from the Quran picked randomly and discussing what it was. We would usually follow up by finding out  more about the word. Sometimes listening to the sounds of whales and the Hoopoe bird on Youtube, to making a huge sun craft! Click on the image below to access the words!

  • My ABC Quran ayats – a lovely daily activity. We went through some of it last year but I recommend it more for 4-5 year olds for better comprehension and understanding of some of the words. Click on the image below to take you straight to the website to purchase your cards!

  • Phases of the moon – track the phases of the moon for a month! Great Science activity too! You can find the phases of the moon wheel here on Twinkl. This would work perfectly with the Moon Diary worksheet!




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