Allah Made Everything Colourful!

Allah Made Everything Colourful!

Do you notice how your 2-3 year old is excited by colours all around them? Take them out to show them flowers in the garden, or colour of the leaves or the sky, they will realise how colourful Allah has made this world! Remembering colours can be difficult for young children, especially as it is quite abstract!


Allah Made Everything Colourful!

When my eldest, Ammarah (now 4 and a half) was 2 and a half. I started to focus on colours and wrote up this colour rhyming book and tying in our Islamic Studies learning too on how Allah created everything. I originally hand drew all the images and coloured and laminated the pages and stuck up as colour posters on our walls. Now my youngest Hibah who just turned 3 is looking at colours and loves colouring, it only made sense to go back to our colour posters! After some encouragement by some of my readers, I decided to type it up and change it into a colouring book perfect for your children and bookshelf too!


So now you too can show your children how colourful Allah created this world with my awesome ‘Allah Made Everything Colourful!’ colouring story book! It’s rhyming style with simple everyday objects will allow your children to enjoy listening to the story being read out loud and then finishing it off by colouring in the pages.


Follow up activities!

Take each page a day or week at a time. Focus on that colour through sorting activities, going on a colour treasure hunt around the house, finding colours in nature and wear the colour for the week. Read the rhyme related in our Allah made everything colourful book and colour in the related objects mentioned!














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