Week by Week Ramadan Planning and Activities for 4-5 year olds!

Week by Week Ramadan Planning and Activities for 4-5 year olds!

Have you started planning for Ramadan?

With Ramadan just round the corner, I put together a week by week plan of Ramadan activities you can try with your 4-5 year olds! For more on Ramadan activities for 2-4 year olds check out my previous blogpost here. This post will take you through plans for Ramadan activities for your children based on weekly themes. There are so many areas to cover but we’ve broken the essentials for this age group of 4-5 year olds. Activities and learning to engage, encourage and keep them excited about Ramadan! This post highlights plans for 4 weeks of Ramadan with a bonus Preparation week too! Scroll down to our Tuesday Teaching Tips video to hear me talk through the plans.


weekly ramadan plan 4-5 year olds


Preparation Week:

Use this week to set up your Ramadan wall, Ramadan table which could feature all your Ramadan books and Ramadan activities. This visual display full or arts and crafts and hand made decor will show our children that a really special month is coming! Focus this week on preparing for the coming of Ramadan. Activities could include looking for the moon. Here’s a great opportunity to learn more about the phases of the moon. Some activities we plan to do:

  1. Phases of the moon recording diary and Phases of the moon wheel which can be found on Twinkl.
  2. Oreo phases of the moon activity – split an oreo biscuit and take away parts of the cream to show the half moon, crescent moon and full moon etc. (plus they get to eat it in the end, after they draw the cycle of the moon)
  3. Sing the months of the Islamic Calendar song here -craft/sorting activity related.
  4. Set up our Ramadan area in the house, including a Ramadan Book box, display with our Ramadan Good Deeds Jar and Calendar! (now available in Arabic too)
  5. Prepare our Ramadan Box of daily activities the girls can choose from. (More on the Ramadan Box soon)


ramadan moon


Week 1: What is fasting?

What better way to start the months learning than with what fasting actually is. I felt this year Ammarah is ready to understand what happens in Ramadan (although she may have picked up on it last year, we haven’t discussed or learnt about it thoroughly). So to ensure, my first week starts off light and easy, I plan to involve the girls in the kitchen helping prepare iftaar meals, fill dates, making iftaar plates for neighbours. Other activities we plan to include are:

  1. Design our own iftaar and suhoor plate (using playdough and cut and stick activity)
  2. Look at ramadan / iftaar around the world (this way we get to think about how many Muslims all over the world will be fasting!)
  3. Fill dates with butter and almonds
  4. Cut fruit ready for iftaar
  5. Read from many of our books in our Ramadan box including: Bismillah SoupMama Panya’s Pancakes,One Hundred Ice Creams, Ramadan Moon,



Week 2: The first revelation of the Qur’an

We are focusing on the Qur’an this week starting with the story of how the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). We plan to use our the lovely Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets book to read over the story of revelation and read /memorise over the first part of Surah ‘Alaq (which was revealed as the first revelation of the Quran). We will focus more on the first word – Iqra which means READ! and use this as an opportunity to explain how important reading and gaining knowledge is. Some of our activities will include:

  1. Memorising Surah Alaq and looking into its meaning
  2. Reading the story of the first revelation small world cave craft representing the cave of Hira
  3. Designing our own ‘Iqra’ Bookmarks
  4. Working through our Words from the Quran and ABC Alphabet verses of the Quran. (We also plan to look at these daily but will look into them as a whole in more detail this week)
  5. Read from many of our books in our Ramadan box including:  Migo and Ali: Love for the ProphetsRamadan Moon, 365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad,




Week 3: Giving Charity & Gifts

This week we plan to focus more on giving. We want to talk more about doing good to those who are less fortunate and looking at why its so important for us to care. Hoping to touch on Zakat and Sadaqah too by making a Sadaqah jar and physically giving money to those less fortunate and looking at Eid gift Projects and gift giving we can invest in. This we will also use to design and write up our Eid Cards. I always save this activity for this part of Ramadan as its fun and Eid is fast approaching by the 3rd week so it gets the kids thinking about Eid too. Some of our activities for this week will include:

  1. Thinking of ways we can help those less fortunate, discussing Zakat and Sadaqah – Make a Sadaqah jar
  2. Make and write out our Eid cards for friends and family!
  3. Counting out coins/notes to give to those less fortunate
  4. Talk about orphans and how it would feel to be an orphan.
  5. Read from many of our books in our Ramadan box including: Sharing What You Love: Good Manners and Character (Akhlaaq Building Series)Caring For Orphans, Colours of Islam (Book & CD) and Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors,



Week 4: Power of Dua & Laylatul Qadr

One of our most important weeks, I felt the best way to get our children involved was teach them the importance of dua. Revise over duas they already recite, before bed, before leaving the house, and while travelling, and memorise over duas we do not know yet. All leading upto making their own dua book. In doing so I’m hoping we use these duas in our search for Laylatul Qadr! Zanib Mian has a great piece on Laylatul Qadr -If you’re not looking for it you should be! which is a really nice way to explain Laylatul Qadr to our kids in her easy to read child friendly writing. Some of our activities will be:

  1. Making dua hands with the forgiveness dua for laylatul Qadr
  2. Making our own dua hands/dua booklet
  3. Arts/crafts Laylatul Qadr night sky craft /poster
  4. Learning some new duas and remembering the ones we know.
  5. Read from many of our books in our Ramadan box including: Ramadan MoonThe Way to JannahAllah Knows All About Me (2015-11-07)My Prayer BookThe dua of faizah,





That’s all from our week by week plan for Ramadan 2018! Please share with your friends and family so they can benefit too!


weekly ramadan plan 4-5 year olds



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