How to make your own Personalised Popup story for Ramadan!

How to make your own Personalised Popup story for Ramadan!

Are you wondering how to start teaching Ramadan to your little ones? Here’s a fantastic story I made up for my then turning 3 year old Ammarah, called “Where’s the moon?” In this blogpost I will show you how to make your own personalised popup story for Ramadan!



wheres the ramadan moon



Back in 2016 I knew Ammarah would find it very difficult to understand what Ramadan was, so we used an easy popup story that we made up just before Ramadan began. It was all about the moon. Now we know the important of sighting the moon before Ramadan and as it is something they can relate to in everyday life (as we can see the moon at night daily) I felt it was the best way to start with Ramadan learning for under 3’s. We loved this story so much, we read it so often and loved how the pictures popped up. This year Ammarah aged 4 and a half (turning 5 soon) has been reading the same story to her little sister Hibah who has just turned 3! It’s slightly tattered now and some pop ups have fallen off but still enjoyed by them both. So I’ve decided to share our “Where’s the moon?” pop up story with you all. But here’s the exciting part, I’ve left the names blank so you can personalise it for your family!

Read our story below and scroll down to download your pdf file with everything you need to get started.



How to make your own personalised popup story for Ramadan:


You will need:

  1. 6 pages of of a4 coloured card (use a dark colour to represent the night sky)
  2. 1 larger piece of card for the title page that covers the whole book.
  3. print copy of the pdf file
  4. glue, scissors, sellotape
  5. kitchen foil for the moon.
  6. colouring pencils/crayons



  1. Fold all 6 of your pieces of card.
  2. Place your card horizontally with the fold side facing you. Cut a slit upwards about 2-3cm in length. Cut another slit 1 cm apart. Open the card and push out the pop up tab from behind. Your picture will be stuck on this. Cut the same sized slits again on the same card where you want to place the tree.
  3. Repeat step 2 for 4 more pieces of folded card.
  4. For the final piece of card you need one popup tab.
  5. Your children can colour in and you can cut around the pictures attached in the file below and you can sellotape them to the popup tab as instructed in the file.
  6. Work on one page at a time. Cut around the text and put everything into place. (See my pictures above for details). Don’t forget to personalise it by adding your child’s name. We had 4 characters, Ammarah, Hibah, Mama (me) and Abu (dad).
  7. Remember to stick the star, airplane, owl and moon in the sky above the pop ups.
  8. Finally glue each of the flaps to the pages in the correct order to form your book. For example, glue the bottom of page 1 to the top of page 2, the bottom of page 2 to the top of page 3 and so on. It should open like a book.
  9. Finally glue on your larger piece of card around the whole book to form the title page (You can cut it to size) and stick on the title.
  10. And there you have it, your own personalised “Where’s the moon?” story ready for Ramadan!

Download your FREE file: Where’s the moon Story popup story template and make your own personalised Ramadan popup Story!

Be sure to tag us on instagram @mamateachesme if you end up making the story for your kids! Remember your older children can try to attempt making the story by themselves – Maybe they add a few more sentences to add more detail to the story!


ramadan pop up story

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