How to get started with teaching Qur’an to your children at home!

How to get started with teaching Qur’an to your children at home!

Have you thought about when you will teach your children Qur’an? Have you considered teaching them yourself? Or will you wait until they are 5 or 6 years old before you begin? These were all the questions in my head before I decided to teach Qur’an to my girls myself!

What if I told you to start teaching your children as soon as you can, from when they are 6 months. When they start exploring the world around them, introduce them to Quran through listening to it. At home or at the masjid, they will pick up Quran through what they hear, the same way children learn to speak, by listening first. They pick up speech, nursery rhymes or songs through listening, listening and more listening. Then once they comfortable with speaking they remember those rhymes and sentences you say to them with ease and say it all, right back! Read more on my own journey on teaching my daughters Qur’an here.


teaching quran to children at home


So how can we connect our children with the Qur’an if they can’t read Arabic? How exactly do we start teaching Qur’an to our children? Well this is the thing, they can stay connected with the Qur’an from an early age through memorising. After all, when they are remembering those rhymes or sentences, they do so from understanding and memory. In the same way you can teach Qur’an through memorisation and even some understanding. Now I know memorisation sounds a big deal when we are talking kids. Don’t worry if you are feeling this, I once thought exactly the same. I thought “How can my children possibly memorise Qur’an – it’s so difficult (it still can be for me)” But how else will they connect? and trust me memorising the Qur’an is best started from a young age, kids remember things so quickly!

This week on Tuesday Teaching Tips, we shared tips on exactly this topic upon request, by a fellow homeschooling mama on instagram. Here’s the video for more!



We answered the following questions in the video:

When do I start teaching Qur’an to my children?

Start as early as possible when they are toddlers and even from the cradle with listening devices (see more ideas below). We officially started teaching Qur’an to Ammarah when she turned 3. But as Hibah has watched her sister she started at 2! And now at age 3 has developed her speech better and enjoys practising her memorisation!


How do I start teaching Qur’an to my child?

Looking at learning styles, repetition techniques and creative ways to do so – more in the video above. Click here for the Quran for children videos we mentioned, and here for the myQuran app available for free for iphone users.


How often should I teach my children the Qur’an?

The best way is to get into a routine, a little a day and at their own pace, there’s no need to rush! I would suggest a time to revise over the surahs already learnt, maybe in the car, on your travels. Keep a daily connection with the Qur’an for your children. For us, straight after breakfast works best!


Which order of the surahs should my children memorise in?

We started with Surah faatiha, followed by Surah Ikhlaas, Surah naas, falaq, kawthar, asr, feel, Quraysh. We chose this order based on the lengths of the surah and for ease espeically as our children were 3 when they started – although Hibah has picked up a lot along the way too (May Allah bless her)!


How to encourage your children with Qur’an memorisation?

We discussed sticker charts and other creative ways of doing so. We talked about celebrating their achievements however big or small with certificates or recognition. And why not throw them a party celebrating all their hard work?!



Check out the following books, toys and gadgets to help you get started on your Quran journey with your children. Click on the pictures for more! (Books, toys, gadgets – some are tried and tested and even given as gifts to friends and family!)








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10 thoughts on “How to get started with teaching Qur’an to your children at home!”

  • Mashalla, great advice! We do our Qur’an after school, as part of their homework, but it makes a lot of sense to have it as a family routine, rather than a mandatory chore!

  • I agree the earlier the better. But make it fun. Some great advice and resources shared here. We have the doll and my youngest loved her.

  • Agree with everything you say here. Mine also read after breakfast too. They seem to be brillain’t auditory learners and pick it up so quick from listening to the Qur’an. (Shame it doesn’t seem to work for me!). My 3 year old has even picked up alot from just listening to the older ones read each day, Masha Allah

  • Mine started learning at madrassash at 3 years old. Now I teach her at home and she learns by ear. If kids can remember songs theres not reason they can’t learn Quran. You have a great teaching method Mashallah.

  • These are great tips. My daughter has been attending Quran classes since she was 3. Alhamdulillah it was a great choice. I thought she was too young but she definitely was not.

  • We also started teachimg our children the Quran and memorization at a young age and they did well! I agree with you, children are more capable of memorization than we think they are!

  • Alhamdulillah for the Qur’an and for what we are guided to memorise of it. Masha’Allah, it is lovely to know that your family journey is going well, and that you are sharing tips to help others succeed too, insha’Allah. Jazakillahkhayr. And jazakillahkhayr for including the Islamic cot mobile. 🙂

  • Teaching Quraan is difficult especially getting the Tajweed right. I was very blessed by parents helped me (even though I was stubborn and found it hard), nowadays it’s so much easier especially as they get older with the electronic Quraan/pen, reading along the reciter can really help improve tajweed which is what I still do to this day. Thank you for sharing 🙂 (

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