Ramadan Daily Homeschooling Plan (Download Free Plan)

Ramadan Daily Homeschooling Plan (Download Free Plan)

If you were following my Week by Week Ramadan Plan and activities for 4-5 year olds, then in this post you will find the complete breakdown of how I aim to spend some quality learning time with my girls this Ramadan! The Ramadan Daily Homeschooling Plan that I devised for myself and my girls consists of light, simple and easy activities which require mainly discussion, some arts and crafts and discovering. The plan is designed so that each activity follows on from the other and allows for some progression for learning which is important in teaching and learning. For myself personally, working through a plan really helps. Of course that doesn’t also that we only stick to the plan, we may miss a day or decide to do 2 activities on one day because the girls want to learn some more. But for me having a daily plan helps guide us to what it is we want to achieve by the end of the week or month.


daily homeschooling ramadan plans

So below I am sharing a Ramadan Special video I did to accompany my daily plan for Ramadan with my girls. I am also attaching the PDF and word doc version of the plan below,  so you can edit it for yourself.



Below is a list of activity links, books or resources needed for each week as mentioned in the Ramadan Daily Homeschooling Plan (which can be downloaded for free at the bottom of this post):


Week 1: What is Fasting?

For this week, as its a hand on in the kitchen week, you will only really need the following:




Week 2: The first revelation of the Qur’an!



Quran Words by Fitra Learning 

My ABC Quran Verses by the Odd Muslimah

In the video, I also mentioned a pdf of Lessons from the Quran (50 in total) which is NOT created by me but sent by a sister. We will be using it this Ramadan to create our own ‘What the Quran teaches us’ booklet!


Week 3: Giving charity and Gifts!

Make a Sadaqah Jar Instructions and template (Twinkl)



Week 4: Power of Dua & Laylatul Qadr!

There’s a lovely explanation of Layltul Qadr by Zanib Mian which I highly recommend you check out. Its absolutely FREE to download!

There are so many dua cards out there for us to choose from  – I’m recommending dua cards by Andthenshesaid and amuslimhomeschool!



You can download my FREE Ramadan Homeschooling Plan below:

  1. Ramadan Plan – PDF version
  2. Ramadan Plan – Word Doc version (editable)




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*We have been given a 7 months free subscription to access Twinkl resources – all comments, views and recommendations are my own and resources are selected based on our homeschool learning.

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10 thoughts on “Ramadan Daily Homeschooling Plan (Download Free Plan)”

  • Masha’Allah tabarakAllah. What a beautiful display and jazakillahkhayr for sharing your plan and expressing it from your perspective. Love, love, love your style, masha’Allah. May Allah grant you and family and blessed Ramadan, ameen.

  • I love the artwork and the colours used, very festive. I am sure the plan will be very beneficial for all those that sign up . Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family

  • That sounds like a perfect plan for the month. Including children in Ramadan activity is always wonderful and that teaches the essence of the fast. Inshaallah. I wish you and your family a blessed and productive fast. Ramadan Mubarak.

  • This is so well thought out, organized & you can tell a lot of effort has been put into this! I would love to be a child in one of your classrooms! May you be rewarded abundantly for all your efforts Ameen!

  • I never knew that they are books like this…which teach children about Ramadan…thank you for sharing and love your crafts and ideas on homeschooling during Ramadan….

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