What’s inside our Ramadan Box? Keep busy activities for 3-5 year olds!

What’s inside our Ramadan Box? Keep busy activities for 3-5 year olds!

Ramadan is such a crucial time for us as mothers to make the most of our own connection with Allah, our prayer and the Qur’an. That’s why each Ramadan I put together a Ramadan box ready with exciting activities my children enjoy so that they can be busy while I’m busy working on my own spiritual journey!


ramadan box activities


You can put together your own Ramadan Box, by decorating a shoe box or any box and labelling it ‘Our Ramadan Box.’ My video below shows you what I have put inside our Ramadan Box. Scroll down to access some of the stuff to download and print yourself!



Colouring Sheets!

My girls love Henna/Mendhi, so I had to include these fab Mendhi Pattern Colouring Sheets. I’m sure this will keep them busy for a while!

You can also check out colouring books by the Muslim Stickers Company



Ramadan Activity Booklets!

You can find plenty of Ramadan booklets produced by various Muslim Bloggers.

  1. Ramadan Booklet (a muslim child is born)
  2. Ramadan Activity Book for little kids (Ilma Education)




Ramadan Moon Diary

You can download your own Moon diary from Twinkl. 



Ramadan Word search!

Ramadan Word search by Twinkl

Ramadan Word Search by Schoolfamily



Ramadan Story Stone/Story Squares!

Check out the Twinkl Tool Twinkl Create to make your own unique Story squares like I did! You can also download their Ramadan Story stone images.

Iman from Andthenshesaid has created some fab Ramadan Story circles to be downloaded FREE from her blog!



Easy DIY Ramadan Craft!


I’m including some easy read and follow instructions to make your own Ramadan crafts in our Ramadan Box.

Make your own paper lantern by Twinkl

Sadaqah Jar activity with instructions from Twinkl


Here’s a few other blogs I’ll be referring to for ideas and inspiration.

A Crafty Arab’s 30 Day Ramadan Craft challenge

Karima Crafts has some great crafts for Ramadan.




Ramadan Good Deed Jars!

We are using our very own simple, child friendly Ramadan Good deeds, available both in Arabic and English!



I’m also recommending Iman’s fab Ramadan Activity packs – you can watch her video here.

What will you put inside your Ramadan Box? Have we missed anything out? Share below!



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*We have been given a 7 months free subscription to access Twinkl resources – all comments, views and recommendations are my own and resources are selected based on our homeschool learning.

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