Our Top 6 Ramadan books + follow up activities!

Our Top 6 Ramadan books + follow up activities!

Ramadan is a fantastic time to revisit the classic collection of Ramadan books we may be collecting. What’s even better is when you can bring those books alive by following up with a fun, creative and memorable craft, activity or even a party. Here’s our Top 6 Ramadan Books for 2018 with follow up activities for you to try this Ramadan!

ramadan books with activities


Ramadan Moon

This Ramadan, this book Ramadan Moon has been the book that got us into the Ramadan Spirit! The imagery and details in the book explaining what Ramadan is all about left my girls curious. They were excited to see all the things that happen just as the book ends with the celebration of Eid. We used this book in our pre-Ramadan Homeschoolers get together workshop, where we focused our activities on the phases of the moon. The book itself as highlighted by its title takes us through the phases of the moon as the days pass in the month of Ramadan.

We followed up with the infamous phases of the moon Oreo activity. We showed the children the phases of the moon disc and briefly explained the Islamic Calendar which runs as a Lunar Calendar. They then worked as a group or individually depending on their age and split Oreo cookies and scraped off cream to represent the phases of the moon. And as our workshop ended in a party, we also made phases of the moon party hats!! Such a simple and easy way to learn about the phases of the moon just in time for Ramadan. We are now using a Ramadan moon diary and tracking the changes in the moon each night!



Ramadan Around the World

This book has now become one of our faves. A brand new purchase to our Ramadan book box this year and it’s really worth every penny! The book takes us around the world introducing us to different Muslim children around the globe. The celebration of diversity and difference creates really good discussion starters with kids. For example, there is a hearing impaired child featured in the book and even a young girl with diabetes! Additionally, the book also features the different foods that may be eaten at iftaar by the different Muslim children. Click on the image for more!

ramadan around the world

We used this very concept to create our own Ramadan around the world visual map! Utilising my readers and followers of @mamateachesme on Instagram, I asked my followers to share their iftaar/suhoor pictures with us so that I can show my children how different and diverse Muslims are! We then printed and cut the pictures and used our map skills to stick down and look at where the food pictures were sent in from!



Bismillah Soup

I have read this book Bismillah Soup numerous times to my children and they enjoy it every time! The story is a spin off of the classic “Stone Soups” folktale. It’s set in Somalia so the pictures are always fascinating for my girls as they are always curious about the market, the dress and the people.

The follow up activities are numerous. We have usually made our own pretend Bismillah soup using soft play and plastic vegetables and food and real pots and pans in their pretend kitchen! This year I’m hoping we can make some soup together with my girls to share with our neighbours!

bismillah soup book


Colours of Islam

by Dawud Wharnsby

We love this book and all the songs inside. For Ramadan we have our 2 favourite songs. We’ve scanned the sky and Hear Me Beat my Drum. We read the songs and then sing them! There is no other way to follow this up but to sing it! Having said that, you can follow up by making our own rattle drum.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

Another new addition to our bookshelf this year: Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors. This vibrant yet simple rhyming book combines colours with all things related to Muslims! It mentions Ramadan, Eid, Zakat (Charity), prayer and so much more! It’s a must have for your 3-5 year olds! I highly recommend it.

There are fabulous follow up opportunities with this including going on a colour treasure hunt and finding other things around the house that can be added to each page. You can focus on the rhyme and collect or draw the objects mentioned. And guess what? You can always download my own Islamic Book of colours Colouring book called Allah made everything colourful!



The Way to Jannah

This simple hardback book is a fantastic book especially as it opens up the topic of Jannah. I love the title and the different Arabic phrases that are mentioned and explained throughout the lift-the flap style! We thoroughly enjoyed this book last year and followed up with a little think of our way to Jannah. We used our concept of good deeds in Ramadan and made a map to help us visualise a way to Jannah – in sha Allah (by Allah’s will of course).




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