3 Simple Steps to Make Eid Exciting for our Kids! (FREE Eid Card Templates)

3 Simple Steps to Make Eid Exciting for our Kids! (FREE Eid Card Templates)

Ramadan has simply flown by! Now with the last ten nights upon us, it is time to focus even more. That’s why I’m putting together this post to help you and I be totally ready for Eid! Now there are lots of things to think about for Eid day including, the clothes (if you haven’t bought or decided do this asap), the food and the Eid Day plans. The last thing you want to do is forgetting to make it special for your children. Remember its a joyous occasion, something for us and our kids to look forward to each year! So here’s 3 simple steps to make Eid exciting for our kids!


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Step 1 – Start Preparing!


Make Eid Cards!

While you focus on the last 10 nights of worship, keep your children busy with writing Eid cards. You can download the pictured Eid Mubarak Card Template for free or order Eid cards ready to be written up! If you’re children are old enough, you can set out all crafts needed to make Eid cards and let them be as creative as they like! To make things easier for you, we have designed 3 more EID cards for you to download for FREE – one even written by 5 year old Ammarah 🙂 Click here to download our 3 new designs as pictured below. Print on A4 White card and fold down the middle –

Eidcard1 Eidcard2 Eidcard3







Eid Banner + Decorations!

Get your children excited about Eid by preparing and decorating your house. You can make an Eid banner, or download one from SweetFajr. Make bunting or other paper chain decoration. Alternatively, you can buy Eid decorations – which is easiest if you are running out of time! I love that there are some really awesome decorations out every year. I receive some Eid decoration by MuslimBookshelf. You can check out her bundle offer of balloons, banners and more here. Additionally you can also check out the fab collection of Eid Party decor and SO MUCH MORE by eidparty.co.uk


Eid Presents!

Depending on when you are reading this post, you may or may not have the time to shop for Eid presents. If you have the time then I suggest you head over to Iman’s awesome video on Eid Presents. If you don’t then here are some suggestions: Try baking some Eid themed cookies and wrap and place in a Home -made gift box – you can print the template here or even buy clear cone bags as seen below. You can do the same with assorted sweets or chocolates. In the past, we have also put together Eid Party bags. You can find what you need for party bags in Asda especially as they do bundle deals for girls and boys party packs. If your family give Eidi/money for Eid then check out JeddahMom’s printable Eid Envelopes for more on to make your own envelopes!



Eid Cake!

Who doesn’t love cake – and what better day than on Eid Day! So whether you’re buying a cake or making one be sure to include an Eid Mubarak Cake Topper! I have just hand drawn a simple Eid Mubarak Cake Topper ready to be printed out and coloured in by your children. For best results, use crayons, colouring pencils or water colours. You can adjust the size on your printer to decrease the cake topper size. Simply print, cut and attach to 2-3 toothpicks using sellotape on the back of the cake topper and place on top of your cake. For pre-printed cake toppers, check out SweetFajr.


The Eid Moon!

Don’t forget to take your children out to look for the Eid Moon! Take out those binoculars you made in Ramadan and do this with your children, especially if you completed the Ramadan Phases of the Moon chart during Ramadan!


The Food!

Decide what you are cooking for Eid day and get the bulk of the cooking and preparation out of the day! You’ll just be adjusting out of your Ramadan schedule and the last think you want to do is cook on Eid Day! Prepare, marinate, bake and cook the night before Eid. Get all your snacks, sweets, cake ready before Eid. This might mean a busy day for you the night before Eid – but at least you will get to enjoy Eid day with your children and family!




If you have girls, they might be like mine and love mendhi patterns! So get yourself a mendhi cone in advance and keep it in the fridge! I tend to draw butterflies and hearts and they are thrilled so don’t worry if you aren’t an expert with the designs! Otherwise you can always buy some temporary Henna tattoo patterns! 🙂




Step 2 – What to do on Eid Day!



Teach your children the Sunnah of Eid

In all the excitement of Eid preparation, don’t forget to teach your children the sunnah of the Eid day which actually starts early morning! Prepare you’re children on these 8 points below the night before, ensuring they have their clothes, dates and prayer mat ready for Eid prayers! Find out what time your Eid prayer starts at your local Mosque or 1Eid in the Park (England).




Step 3 – Have an epic Eid Party!


Whether you have it on Eid day or arrange it for another day when you can invite your children’s friends or family, have an epic Eid Party! Plan party games, all linked to the Eid theme, including pass the parcel for the little ones! Musical Statues, musical chairs and musical bumps is always a classic fave of ours! This year we may just have a treasure hunt too. I’ve signed up to HappyMuslimHomeschool to receive an easy treasure hunt around the house! From pinatas, bouncy castles to party games, whatever your budget, set a date and get planning! Your kids will thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to Eid every year!



Hope this post has been useful and calmed any mums (only just reading this) down. As I will be travelling myself and can only start some Eid preparation now, please share any other suggestions you may have below! May Allah accept all our prayers and good deeds this Ramadan. I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Eid!





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