‘My First Quran with Pictures’ Book Review

‘My First Quran with Pictures’ Book Review


For those of you following our homeschooling journey, you may have seen some of our creative ways to teach Qur’an with our children including signs, stars handed out with each ayat and of course some images and stories to help with translation. As a former teacher and now homeschooling mum, I wanted our Qur’an learning journey to be as exciting and creative as the rest of our homeschooling journey. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across the awesome book My First Quran With Pictures: Juz’ Amma Part 1 by Shereen Sharief. This is exactly the kind of book needed alongside our children’s Qur’an memorisation or reading journey! In this post I will be sharing how I have used and will continue to use this book with my children and finding out from the author herself on the idea behind the creation of this unique book.



The book comprises of surahs or chapters from the 30th portion of the Quran. These surahs are shorter and are mostly encouraged to memorise to read in salaah or when beginning your Qur’an memorisation journey. This book contains 24 of the surahs from Juzz Amma. Each surah is translated in easy to read English with pictures or scenarios illustrated in a way to paint the picture of what the surah is telling us. The Arabic verses of the surah are placed close to or on top and in between the pictures which depict its meaning. See below for example Surah Kaafirun.



6 Tips on teaching Qur’an with ‘My first Quran with Pictures’:

  1. See each surah as a story, and look through the pictures on the page before you even start reading the surah. Ask your children what the pictures are showing, what do they think it means? Try to find out from your children what they think the surah may be about.
  2. Next you can match each verse in Arabic to its corresponding translation in English. Read and explain the translation whilst pointing to each picture. See how much they understood through the pictures.
  3. You can then introduce the Arabic verses that are represented by the pictures and translation. Recite the verses and have your children repeat after you, pointing to anything that is represented in the picture.
  4. For your children that can read the Arabic text, you can ask them to read the Arabic themselves and then they can read the English translation below. They can use the pictures too to explain what they surah is telling them. This will ensure they are engaged in their reading or memorisation of the Quran.
  5. Listen to the surah by following the verses across the page and making sense of the meaning of the Surah through the pictures.
  6. For older children, they can write up a short summary of the surahs as they finish memorising or reading the surah.

You can also read up on my blogpost for tips on How to get started with teaching your children Quran at home. 








Here’s what Shereen had to say about the creation of this unique book.

Where did the idea of creating My first Quran with pictures come from?
I would teach Quran to a group of girls at my house. They were Originally Kurdish so they didn’t understand Arabic. I tried explaining the verses by explaining it to them or showing them examples of pictures from google but they would either forget or mix up the pictures in their mind. That’s when this idea came from. An illustration for each ayah to understand the simple meanings and then having the verses linked in story form so they don’t mix up the verses with other surahs.
How did you go about choosing the illustrator, Nicola Anderson for the book?
I saw the illustrator’s work and really admired her work long before we worked together. I contacted her before I completed the book and asked her if it would be something she would consider illustrating once it’s complete. She said yes and was very enthusiastic which Alhamdulillah was my motivation to complete the book.
How has the feedback from Muslims, Quran Schools and masjids been?
The response has been amazing. Parents, teachers and homeschoolers have all praised it as the thing they’ve always needed and wished they had it sooner.
How long have you been working on this project?
This book was completed in 3 and a half years.
When is part 2 of Juzz Amma being published?
Part 2 we are looking to publish in 9-12 months Insha’Allah.

You can follow Shereen on Facebook, Instagram, and download free colouring worksheets for each surah over at her website, where you can purchase the book too.







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