Teach Unit Study: Fairy Tales

Teach Unit Study: Fairy Tales

There are some amazing activities, ideas and discussions on the the Early Years and Foundation stage when it comes to homeschooling. But as our children grow, what next in year 1? Of course everyone’s method of home-education changes.

Some find online curricula or guides and work through those, others may take a more child led approach. For those who need structure and some idea of how to own your own homeschooling plan, this is the place to find it. I love planning for our own themes, in topics my children are interested in and of course link back to what they may need to learn to help them develop their story telling at such a young age.

So we started my 5 year old’s Homeschooling journey with the theme of FAIRY TALES! We thoroughly enjoyed reading, writing, role playing and making up our own fairy tale stories by the end. We are sharing a step by step guide for you to try this at home with your children in our Mama Teaches Me Planning Series.





This is a 4 week Unit Study and here’s an overview of what we covered:

Week 1 – We began by reading through some favourite fairy tales and new ones including The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week. The simple language and repetition meant these stories worked perfectly for us as we focused on retelling, sequencing and looking at the beginning, middle and end of stories.

Week 2 – We moved on to fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Billy Goats Gruff where we focused in on the characters. We looked at describing words and made Wanted Posters.

Week 3 – By Week 3, we recapped some other well known fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and focused in on the setting of the stories. We looked back at the fairy tales we covered in Week 1 and 2 as well.

Week 4 – In our final week, we moved onto thinking about our own fairy tales. We focused on story mapping, thinking of characters we could include and where the setting was, by using a story sack and story cubes to help us make up stories. We ended the week with a write up of our own fairy tale!












So there you have our tried and tested step by step 4 week fairy tale plan with a full made up fairy tale write up at the end. Click below to buy this plan!













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