Reception Annual Plan and Activity Ideas

Reception Annual Plan and Activity Ideas

Are you looking for a fully comprehensive plan for your 4-5 year olds (Reception Age) for homeschool? Check out my tried and tested Reception Annual Plan and Activity Ideas below having completed the Reception year with my now 5 year old. We planned our unit studies or themes based on our interests, location and holidays, and the best part is we logged it all! Below you will find all the links to the posts taking you through each unit we covered. Click on the Unit titles to take you straight to our posts!


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All About Me




Saudi ArabiaThe culture and Desert



Saudi Arabia – The Beach and Sea Creatures


Houses & Homes


People Who Help Us







Holiday: Malaysia


Healthy Living



Little Red Riding Hood




The Rainforest



Have you tried following our themes? How have you found them? What themes are you doing with your children?

Share with us below!






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2 thoughts on “Reception Annual Plan and Activity Ideas”

  • Jazakillah khair for sharing this. I had just come online to search for ideas for homeschool and I found this. So helpful

    • Oh I’m so glad to hear – got a bit delayed posting it out but finally it’s all come together in the end 🙂 let us know which units you end up doing – would love to hear how your kids find it!

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