DinoLingo Arabic Review

DinoLingo Arabic Review

I came across Dinolingo on Youtube and loved the variety it had to offer to encourage language learning for kids. I contacted their team and was given the opportunity to review my experience of Dinolingo in exchange for a 6 month free access to their Arabic section.

Dinolingo is a language learning programme for kids. It covers a wide variety of languages from all over the world. I was excited to see Arabic on their list of languages as this is a language my children are learning as non-natives. It was refreshing to see the categories included like books, songs, stories and video lessons for my girls to learn Arabic in a variety of ways all in one space. This would save me time to scan around the web aimlessly. There were also a number of downloadable worksheets too. On top of that my 3 year old absolutely loves dinosaurs so I knew she would enjoy anything to do with Dinolingo.



Once I set up the website for my girls, I created a shortcut link onto their tablet so they could access it regularly. At the time I was really hoping Dinolingo could be created as an app version for ease. (I was excited to find out they recently have done just that.)



We used the numerous different lesson contents including clothing, family, my home, numbers, colours and so much more to reinforce our Arabic vocabulary. The girls loved that at the end of each lesson video they were able to collect different dinosaurs. The videos themselves are really engaging, really aimed for kids. The videos are a mix medium of cartoon, photos, real people or animals. My girls loved would watch and repeat everything that was said. They were able to do that because of the simplicity of the language in the video. At times it was the moving image that told a story but the repetition of the word for cat in Arabic was reinforced for example.




As someone who has learnt multiple languages, I have also experienced that complete exposure to the language you are learning without actual translation really forces you to learn/speak or understand the language better. I love how Dingolino combines this on their site for teaching kids languages at an early age. Here is what my girls had to say about Dinolingo:

“I liked the videos and I liked collecting the dinosaurs.”


We’ve just downloaded the Dinolingo App and enjoyed our first free lesson of Turkish which my girls have recently taken an interest in.


If you are passionate about languages and are looking for a programme for your kids – try Dinolingo!




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