Mama Teaches Me Salaah

Mama Teaches Me Salaah

We love teaching and learning about different aspects of Islam by combining them with other relevant subjects. After all it is our way of life so there’s no need to teach it separately. For example we used our Maths lesson time to talk a little more about the prayer times for Muslims. We talked about how the names of the prayers themselves mean certain times of the day. This led us to observing the sun and looking at the sun high up at mid-day or setting at sunset. As we began to familiarize ourselves with the clock and how to read the time, we decided to make a poster to combine what it looks outside at each prayer time and also show the time on the clock. The exciting part is you can now make a similar poster with your children too! We have opened a SHOP on our website bringing our tried and tested resources to you! Scroll down for the direct links to the resources.



Mama Teaches Me Salaah 


KS1 Activity

Our resource is part of our Mama Teaches Me Salaah Series contains 3 PDF documents that help you create the poster as above. The resource includes the Islamic Prayer times with a colour-in illustration which works perfectly as you observe the sky at the prayer times. We’ve also included clock templates and the hands (which we suggest to print on card) to stick alongside the Islamic Prayer times. You can chose to display it on any kind of paper – we recycled some brown wrapping paper from Eid. A3 paper or 2 pieces of a4 paper would work best for the full size poster. The best part is once the poster is displayed and the times of prayers change, your children can help you change the times on the clocks and begin to learn about Salaah times too.  This resource as a whole (with clock template too) is ideal for 6-8 year olds. To purchase the full packet click here.




Early Years Activity

You could also start to introduce the Salaah names to your 4/5 year olds too – click here to purchase the Salaah names activity only.


mama teaches me salaah prayer


Click below to purchase the resources:


Mama Teaches Me Salaah – The 5 Prayers (KS1)

Mama Teaches Me Salaah – The 5 Prayers (EYFS)



Our Shop

We’ve entered a new stage of our homeschool where we are sharing our favorite tried and tested resources with you all. We have some exciting things planned and cannot wait to share it with you. Stay tuned! If you’ve purchased our resources and are enjoying them with your children or family, be sure to  tag us on social media – @mamateachesme. We would love to see how you are using them 🙂


mama teaches me salaah prayer





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