Mama Teaches Me Hajj Series

Mama Teaches Me Hajj Series

Have you ever wanted to teach your children about the 5th pillar of Islam- Hajj, in the run up to Eid ul Adha but just don’t know where to start? I was in the same boat a few years ago. But it wasn’t until my own experience of Hajj (You can read more on that here) that I was able to create something that was truly loved by my two girls!

Introducing the Mama Teaches Me Hajj Series!


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If you’ve ever been blessed to perform Hajj, you’ll know what a special part of your life it was. We performed our Hajj a few years ago now alhamdulillah, and ever since, my girls have always asked me what I did there. It was only after performing the actual rituals of Hajj I felt I could give them a detailed account of what happens at Hajj. I also didn’t want to overwhelm them with all the key words linked to Hajj so decided to create a 10 day pop up card series using something fun and interactive they would enjoy. And that’s how we created the 10 day pop-up cards for Hajj last year.

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This year I was able to redesign them digitally in order for everyone else to benefit too! The pop up card templates can be printed from the comfort of your own home, with easy to follow steps to help make your cards for the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. Each day your child would open a card, colour in and read/discuss the key word (EYFS), read the sentences (KS1) or find out and write their own sentences (KS2). To make thins easier, I’ve even included a Lesson Guide for each of the 10 days with further activities and printables for your ease! The activities are simple, creative and fun. Your children will LOVE it! Don’t forget to check out my previous post on how I plan for Hajj.


Mama Teaches Me Hajj (EYFS)

The Mama Teaches Me Hajj series is a great way to introduce the key words and places linked to Hajj. The stories I’ve recommended, pictures to colour in, and pop up cards (they will need your help in making these) will keep your young children interested. The Lesson Guide includes some very hands on activities perfect this age group – including making a Kabah model out of lego blocks, using playdough to make Mountains Safa and Marwa and so much more!


You can now buy the bundle of EYFS resources + lesson guide at a reduced price below!

Mama Teaches Me Hajj -EYFS Bundle


To purchase just the pop-up cards activity for EYFS, click below.

Mama Teaches Me Hajj (Pop-up cards EYFS)



Mama Teaches Me Hajj (KS1)

For KS1 (ages 5-7) we’ve included further details linked to the key words explaining what tawaaf and saee is for example. This is a great way for children to become familiar with what the 5th pillar of Islam, the Hajj is in a simple yet engaging way. I’ve also recommended some books the children can read and activities they can do along side this series.


You can now buy the bundle of KS1 resources + lesson guide at a reduced price below!

Mama Teaches Me Hajj -KS1 Bundle


To purchase just the pop-up cards activity for KS1, click below.

Mama Teaches Me Hajj (Pop-up cards KS1)



Mama Teaches Me Hajj (KS2)

For KS2 (8-11) we’ve added blank lines to allow children write what they find out about each aspect of the Hajj. I would recommend picking up some books from the library or using the following recommendations:

Video clip on BBC (aimed at KS2)

Young Explorers’ Adventures in Makkah





To purchase all 3 differentiated versions, take advantage of our bundle offer at a discount of 40%. You can use the resources for all differing abilities and age groups which is including in this bundle! Click below for more!

Mama Teaches Me Hajj – Series Bundle


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