My top 10 tips for an Umrah Trip with Kids!

My top 10 tips for an Umrah Trip with Kids!

You’ve just been blessed with the opportunity for Umrah. Mabrook! Or you may have been before but now taking your children. You have your visas, vaccinations and Umrah guides all ready. Have you wondered how you may have to entertain your children to make this a memorable journey for them too? How do you actually do that in the blessed city of Makkah? Well after our own experience of living in Makkah for over 4 years now, here are our Top 10 tips for an Umrah Trip with kids so they too can enjoy the experience. I asked my children what they enjoy the most whenever they visit the Haram – and most of these we have tried and tested ourselves – here’s what we finally added to our list.


1. A Child-Friendly Umrah Guide

You’re probably wondering where you can get a child friendly Umrah Guide from right? Well we’ve created the perfect guide for your children which starts with preparation for the Umrah, a short story of Prophet Ibrahim (as) and the Ka’bah. It also includes a step by step on what they are to expect on their own Umrah or understand the rituals for the Umrah. There’s even a section on Madinah! The guide is ideal for children aged 5 plus. which information, facts and colouring too.

Buy our Mama Teaches My First Guide to Umrah.



2. Tell the story of Ibrahim (as) 

As you make your first Umrah, be sure to to tell your children about the story of Prophet Ibrahim (as) in the most simplest of way. You can remind them that many of the rituals for Umrah are linked to the story. If you are looking for a simple way to tell them the story, why not download The Makkah Story from our shop. It’s free! You will also find a detailed version in our Umrah guide. Make plenty of dua at the Ka’bah and remind your children of the power of Dua.



3. A Rucksack of Goodies!

Pack a small rucksack with your children. Include their favourite books, a colouring books, pens, pencils, colours or maybe even a diary. We found this is the best solution whilst my children accompanied me to the Haram during Ramadan.



4. Take them to the Roof!

Find a new place to pray for each salaah. Why not go to the roof. There are a few different esculators working at different times, be sure to ask a security guard or even a cleaner where your nearest access will be. Your children (and you) will love the views of the Ka’bah from the roof. Make dua with them and point out the Hateem and Maqam Ibrahim. There’s plenty of space on the roof too. it’s the perfect place for your little ones to feel themselves. My girls love the roof.




5. Try some Art

At quieter times of the day (not during prayer time), take some extra pencils and paper and sit with your children to draw the Ka’bah. You can make your sketch and finish the painting in your hotel room. Or you can try water colour pencils too – just be mindful of the mess and clean after yourself before you leave.




6. Share a treat with others!

Here’s a way to gain extra good deeds and teach the children about sharing. Buy a BIG box of dates or sweets and share with those sitting around you at the Haram. Accompany your children as they hold the box as they’ll cause quite a crowd :). Talk about the good deed to encourage the importance of giving / sharing!



7. Have a Treasure Hunt at the Haram!

Yep – you read that right! Have a Treasure Hunt at the Haram. With our brand new pack your children will LOVE this treasure hunt. It’s tried and tested and a great way to reinforce the names of places and the significance behind them. The 6 clues will take them on an adventure around the Haram.

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8. Take them for an ice-cream!

One of the things my girls look forward to when we visit the Haram is ICE CREAM! We especially enjoy the super soft Makkah ice cream available in small huts/shops for as little as 3SR (less than a £1). Enjoy!


9. Prayer Beads / Dhikr Counter

Introduce dhikr (remembrance of Allah) to your children by letting them choose their own prayer beads or even a dhikr counter. You can find them being sold in many shops around the Haram.


10. Visit the Souqs

Try looking for the 2 or 5 riyal shops for inexpensive toys or stationary to buy! You will also find the basement of the Makkah Clock Tower (where the Barbers are) to be much cheaper than the malls upstairs. Although I highly recommend buying most of your gifts or souvenirs in Madinah for better prices. Don’t forget to haggle!


Here are some ideas for your older children,

  • Challenge them to memorise a few short surahs from the Quran,
  • Make tawaf or even Umrah with you.
  • Take them out for Fajr Salaah at the Haram – it’s beautiful!
  • Let them stay up later for a night tawaf – the weather is a lot cooler.
  • Challenge them to log all the different nationalities of Muslims they can spot!
  • Have them log their trip in a travel journal, keeping track of all the prayers they managed to pray.
  • Have them read through an age appropriate Seerah book of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


We pray you have a pleasant stay in Makkah.

May Allah accept your prayers and Umrah. Ameen!



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