Teach Unit Study: The Body

Teach Unit Study: The Body

My girls have always been curious about learning about the Body. How does it all work? How does food go all the way down to the stomach? Why do we have a rib cage? What would happen if we didn’t have bones – would we be floppy? Their questions are endless! So I enjoyed putting together a months plan to teach them more. Traditionally I would have sat down and planned what we would at least be covering each week, but this time I let the girls choose which system they wanted to learn first. So here’s how our weeks rolled out.

Week 1 – The Digestive System

Week 2 – Breathing and the lungs

Week 3 – The heart and blood

Week 4 – Skeleton, bones and Muscles


You could also teach the 5 senses in the final week, but we felt the need for a break and hope to tie it again with Poetry week!

In each of our weeks, we tried to include a little research and discovery, some making or Art, some labeling or purposeful writing and practical experiments (which include the math and science). The practical visual way of learning really kept the girls interested in wanting to find out more as the weeks went on. They thoroughly brought their learning to life in their mini role play area playing doctors and nurses and even writing me a prescription – as I was feeling a little under the weather that day. Their enthusiasm to learn was channeled through the variety of teaching and learning methods. Allowing our children to connect the dots and make these discoveries for themselves is what helps them become confident learners.

Here’s a visual view of some of our learning throughout the weeks.


Mama Teaches Me Planning

To help you achieve the same quality of teaching and learning, I’m excited to announce I’ve put together our very own tried and tested Unit Study Plan of The Body. This 4 page plan takes you through a 4 week unit study of The Body covering the topics as listed above. With 4 suggested daily activity ideas tried and tested by us (and some additional ones too) per week, you will find your sessions progressing in a way that will make your child’s learning memorable.

I’ve also included 4 FREE templates to aid you with the teaching which you can easily print and use when needed. I’m super excited to share our plans with you and look forward to hearing how you get on. Download our planning here.


Mama Teaches Me Planning – The Body Unit Study



mama teaches me planning


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