Teach Unit Study: Habitats

Teach Unit Study: Habitats

Having finished a wonderful study on Habitats, we bring you the latest of our Mama Teaches Me Planning Units – Habitats. This topic took us on a lovely journey focusing on our local habitat here in Saudi Arabia, as well as looking closely at habitats in England and across the world. By the end of the unit study my children were able to identify which animals belonged to which habitat and what made them uniquely adaptable for that particular habitat. We also looked at some of the food chains, terrain and climate of each habitat. So here’s how our weeks rolled out:


Week 1 – Living Things & Habitats around the world

Week 2 – Local Habitats

Week 3 – British Habitats

Week 4 – Habitat Study – Sea life


In each of our weeks we tried to include a little research and discovery, some drawing and art, poster designing, labeling and fact finding. We played games, watched videos, made sensory small world trays and took a few trips to our local habitats and even the Aquarium! The practical, visual way of learning encouraged them to learn as was channeled through the variety of teaching and learning methods. By allowing our children to connect the dots and make these discoveries for themselves, is what helps them become confident learners.

Here’s a visual view of some of our learning throughout the weeks.




To help you achieve the same quality of teaching and learning, I’m excited to announce I’ve put together our very own tried and tested Unit Study Plan of this topic – Habitats. This 4 page plan takes you through a 4 week unit study of Habitats covering the topics as listed above. With 4 suggested daily activity ideas tried and tested by us (and some additional ones too) per week, you will find your sessions progressing in a way that will make your child’s learning memorable. These plans are primarily aimed at KS1 learners but can easily be adapted to suit your child’s need.

I’ve also included 3 FREE templates to aid you with the teaching which you can easily print and use when needed. I’m super excited to share our plans with you and look forward to hearing how you get on. Download our planning here.

Mama Teaches Me Planning : Habitats




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