Mama Teaches Me Seerah – The Seerah Project (Colour) (KS2)

<span itemprop="name">Mama Teaches Me Seerah – The Seerah Project (Colour) (KS2)</span>

Teach your children about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with our NEW resource –

The Seerah Project

The Seerah Project was created by myself and my daughter as we worked our way through learning about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on our trips to Madinah. This resource is primarily aimed at children in KS2 aged 7-10, where they can independently create their own Seerah Project using books of Seerah. It’s a great way to foster research and independent learning through the illustrations working as prompts. On its completion it would a great addition to your bookshelf as you can print it as a booklet (check printer settings).


This download contains 2 pdf documents:

1 x Mama Teaches Me Seerah: Notes (1 page)

1 x Mama Teaches Me Seerah: The Seerah Project (Colour) (KS2) (21 pages)


We hope you enjoy this resource as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Please read over our copyright statement in the Notes. Thank you!