MTM Stories: Where’s the Ramadan Moon?

<span itemprop="name">MTM Stories: Where’s the Ramadan Moon?</span>

Are you wondering how to start teaching Ramadan to your little ones? Start with finding the moon! Get your children excited about Ramadan by creating this fab personalised pop-up story with or for your children! It’s the perfect start to teaching them more about Ramadan at such a young age!

Created for my children as they were growing up, we have now re-vamped and made a digital copy of this story for you to print, make and personalise with your children! With simple instructions to create the final pop-up story, we know your children will LOVE this for Ramadan! A great activity to add to their Ramadan baskets too! The story is great for children aged 3- 6 but can easily be created by older siblings for their younger ones too!


This download contains 1 pdf document:

1 x MTM Stories – Where’s the Ramadan Moon? (10 pages)


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